Tube Stikes Loom

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The PA reports that a further two unions are to announce a series of strikes on the Tube, following the earlier ballot by the TSSA union, as we covered here.

Interestingly, on the same day there is talk from Boris Johnson's camp that he intends to attempt to implement a no-strike agreement with the RMT and replace Peter Hendy as Commissioner of Transport for London.

Both moves would have significant effects on London's transport in general.

If successful, Mr Johnson would deliver a break from the unions which Ken Livingstone has been unwilling (or able?) to countenance. However, to fail at the first hurdle in a battle with the unions would be a body blow to a Johnson administration.

Replacing Mr Hendy would signal a fresh start for TfL as he is synonymous with the current Mayor's agenda. The choice of candidate would say much about the direction which Mr Johnson wishes to take.

You can read the full article on the ruminations from the Johnson camp here.