LEZ Changes

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Ken Livingstone announced yesterday that if "re-elected I will extend this zone to cover all lorries over three and a half tonnes and, in 2010, heavier vans," reports MayorWatch.

We have updated this in our policy section here.

LondonUnlocked has presented the pros and cons of the LEZ in the past, though an interesting article from Road Transport highlights the problems faced by firms attempting to convert their vehicles to be LEZ compliant.

Many firms who arranged the necessary abatement equipment to be installed in their vehicles are now faced with a significant queue in waiting for a smoke test to be carried out (a necessity for being allowed to enter the LEZ for free).
This wait is saddling firms who prepared in advance for the LEZ's introduction with a daily £200 charge. Complaints directed to TfL are allegedly falling on deaf ears.
Simply, this is not good enough. Regardless of the merits of the LEZ, this is a situation brought about by TfL and which should be acknowledged and managed as such.