The Dis-Unity Ticket

Election 2008, LondonUnlockedEditor

Following our story yesterday about the Ken 1, Sian 2 (or vice-versa) agreement between the Livingstone and Berry campaigns, the Guardian carries an excellent piece on the implications of this strategy:

The mayor's team believes that if they can attract a coalition of the centre-left, including those concerned about the environment, the anti-war movement and equality campaigners, they can win the election.

Johnson's advisers have calculated that if he can mobilise traditional Tory voters, particularly in London's large outer boroughs, he has a good chance of becoming London's first Conservative mayor.

Meanwhile, thisislocallondon carries comments from both Boris Johnson and Brian Paddick pouring scorn on this arrangement. One comment from Mr Johnson is worth repeating in particular:

Conservative rival Boris Johnson, who Livingstone and Berry claimed could not be trusted with London's environment, branded the call "arrogant" and Livingstone "out of touch" with Londoners.

One thing is for certain: this race is not going to be dull.