TfL & Budget Implications

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Transport Briefing reports on the signing off of TfL's budget for the next year:

Transport for London's board has signed off a £7.8bn budget for the next financial year which will see investment in the agency's showcase projects, such as the East London Line and Docklands Light Railway extensions, increase to £1.5bn.

The focus on the East London Line, offering as it will a genuinely cross-London route when finished, is welcome. However, there was another major announcement made today, which offers a far more revealing look at TfL and the Mayor's plans:

The London mayor's transport organisation is set to extend its influence over the capital's network after Transport for London announced it intended to take over the owner of the Croydon Tramlink system.

(The Financial Times )

Paying £98m for the system, TfL stated in its official release that it plans to concentrate on adding more services and improving the infrastructure. No comment was made on plans to extend the system, or on the effect which it may have on plans to place trams down the length of Oxford Street.