BAA & BA's Future

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The PA reports on the House of Commons Transport Select Committee report, which calls on BAA to be broken up.

The Transport Select Committee has issued a detailed list of recommendations in its report, which can be found in full here.

The BBC carries the comments of Gwyneth Dunwoody MP, Chair of the Committee:

"BAA airports account for such a large proportion of air travel, and the company's future is of central importance to the UK's transport infrastructure," she said.

"Ending BAA's common ownership will encourage airports to compete for traffic. The committee firmly believes that increased competition is possible and could have huge benefits for both airlines and passengers."

Certainly this report needs to be taken into consideration by the Government and the new Mayor. Competition breeds innovation, and there is a decent appetite for that in the UK aviation market at present.

That all the major Mayoral candidates are against a third terminal is problematic, if only for the lack of choice on this policy on offer. Willie Walsh, the BA boss argues the same thing in a recent Guardian interview:

"It's disappointing to see four [mayoral] candidates going for a position where they all agree. How do you pick between them?"

The entire interview can be found here, and is certainly worth reading.