Newslinks | 8th June 2007

The NewsEditor

On The Buses "London's 8,000 buses are equipped with CCTV cameras. A team of 70 analysts watch hours of footage to pinpoint alleged crimes.

"OPERATION BusTag - the Met Police team dedicated to tackling criminal damage on buses - made 80 arrests in April.

"In February, the BusTag team won a Met Police award for innovative policing." [from]

Bendy buses 'double injury rate'

"Pedestrians in London are twice as likely to be hit by a bendy bus than any other bus, the Liberal Democrats have claimed.

"The Transport for London (TfL) statistics also showed that cyclists were almost three times as likely to be injured by a bendy bus." [from BBC News Online]

Congestion charge 'world's best'

"The governor of New York has described London's congestion charge as "the best in the world".

"Speaking at a joint press conference in New York with environment secretary David Miliband, Elliott Spitzer said he wanted a similar scheme in New York." [from BBC News Online]

Air transport should aim for 'zero emissions' – IATA

"Airlines should have their own carbon emissions trading scheme and work towards a future where air transport produces no emissions, a top airline industry representative has said." [from Environmental Finance]