Johnson Launches Transport Manifesto


Boris Johnson, Conservative challenger for Mayor, launched his transport manifesto yesterday.

Mr Johnson's transport agenda is summarised on his site here, and below:

  • Our buses have improved, but there is more we can do. Londoners must see more police on the buses, especially in outer London.
  • The tube needs to be rescued from the ruins of Gordon Brown's finance deal, so that vital upgrades that were promised actually happen.
  • The Congestion Charge must be reformed. We must re-invest more revenue in improving our roads, as well as in schemes to encourage walking and cycling. And for every £8 fee, less should be spent on administration.
  • We must also encourage Londoners to give up their cars by making public transport more affordable and reliable. Cycling must be made easier and safer.
  • We must end the lack of investment in London's overstretched, unaffordable and overcrowded rail services. A Londoner in Richmond on the minimum wage will have to work two hours just to cover the cost of their daily Travelcard. This has to change.
  • The Freedom Pass will be protected as an untouchable right for London pensioners.

Both This Is Local London and the BBC carry excellent summaries of Mr Johnson's policy launch. Meanwhile, we have updated our policy page accordingly.
Broadly speaking, this is a solid manifesto from Mr Johnson. His comments on getting London moving through the re-phasing of traffic lights, and emphasis on utilising both new technology and 'outside of the box' solutions are certainly welcome, though there are too few solid new-transport proposals for our liking.
LondonUnlocked will wait for the other candidates to formally announce their policies before commenting further, so as to provide a fair comparison.