The Case For a 'New' Heathrow

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The Sunday Times carried an intelligent comment piece regarding the Government (and Ken Livingstone's) opposition to creating a new London Airport in a more suitable location:

We have argued before that the government should take its cue from successful moves by other countries, which have opened new airports away from centres of population with fast transport links. Our preferred solution, despite some environmental objections, would be a new airport in the Thames estuary, east of London, for less than the cost of the 2012 Olympics. That, however, is too big an idea, and has been rejected on grounds of cost, or birdlife, or inconvenience, when all these things are surmountable with farsighted leadership. Transport policy in Britain is governed by dull incrementalism. Heathrow, London’s airport courtesy of an accident of geography, will carry on expanding.

The entire editorial is certainly worth reading, especially in light of the upcoming Mayoral election, and the weight that a new Mayor would have to throw behind such a scheme. Read the full piece here.