Newslinks | 6th June 2007

The NewsEditor

Free papers deliver extra clean-up costs for Tube "Metronet, the consortium responsible for maintaining two thirds of the London Underground network, claims the launch of London Lite and thelondonpaper last year has effectively doubled the amount of litter it is forced to deal with. The company says that last year it spent an extra £730,000 on cleaning in an attempt to cope with the problem. To have failed to do so would have cost the firm an estimated £1.3m a year in lost revenue because litter on the Tube is one of the ways its performance is monitored under the public private partnership with LU." [from Transport Briefing]

4x4 drivers targeted in north London parking rethink

"Islington Council in north London has become the latest local authority in the capital to seek to charge owners of cars with high carbon dioxide emissions more to park their vehicles.

"The council is holding a referendum on plans to vary residential parking charges according to how much CO2 pollution each car produces. Ballot packs have been sent out to local people, who have until 25 June to vote for or against the proposed measures." [from Transport Briefing]

Londoners join fight to defend the Freedom Pass - the debate rumbles on. [from eGov Monitor]

‘Secret pact’ over Heathrow’s third runway

"The Government is facing calls for an investigation into allegations that it is colluding with BAA, the airport operator, over plans to build a third runway at Heathrow and allow an extra 500 flights a day over London.

"The Department for Transport has secretly passed key information supporting the expansion to the Spanish-owned company six months before it is due to be published in a consultation document." [from The Times]

Asleep at the wheel - Thoughtful piece by Peter Hetherington in the Guardian about ending Transport Inequality in England. [from The Guardian]