New Flight Paths Planned


The BBC reports on the plans by the National Air Traffic Services to move major flight paths affecting airports including Heathrow, Stansted, Luton and London City. The BBC states that the proposals include:

  • Reducing congestion over Brookmans Park in Hertfordshire caused by converging departure routes from Heathrow, Luton, London City and Northolt airports
  • Relocating and separating the holding facilities - or stacks - for Luton and Stansted
  • Introducing what are called continuous descent approaches where aircraft stay higher for longer, reducing fuel burn and noise, for Stansted's easterly runway

There is a consultation in progress and, if approved, new routes could come into play by the spring of 2009.

LondonUnlocked highly recommends that viewers visit the NATS Consultation site and take part in the consultation.