The World's Best Cabs

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The PA reports today that users of have voted London's cabs the best in the world.

Whilst this is a heady achievement and should be congratulated, it is worth considering that London's infamous black cabs are only rated so highly against other forms of transport in the capital.

An article in today's Independent about the perils of cycling in London highlights this very point:

[The]... relationship between motorists and cyclists... might be described as at best uneasy. Those of us on two wheels are characterised as elastane louts who routinely ride on pavements and run red lights. In cyclists' eyes the four-wheel brigade show not the slightest regard for the fact that they are sharing road space with much more vulnerable users.

If London really aims to have a world class transport system then investment must be made in making public transport work and taking the emphasis off car-based solutions which continue to congest and pollute our city.