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PinkNews today carries a wide-ranging interview with Gerard Batten, UKIP candidate for Mayor of London.

I have reprinted his views on transport in London in full below:

The problem is to do with congestion; there are just too many people. There are just too many people in London and Ken wants more and more - he'll cram as many people in because it is politically correct to have as many immigrants as possible.
You can't really start to solve the problem until you cut down the number of people coming into London. You've got to get traffic moving again. I would get rid of the congestion charge. This is another piece of politically correct motivated legislation.
Ken hates cars and he has famously said that if he ever got to power he would ban cars. Well he can't quite do that but he can make life as difficult as possible.
We'd also get rid of parking restrictions. There are streets full of empty places where you can't park because it's got permit holders only.
Now we all pay road tax so why can't I park there during the day when I'm on business or when I'm visiting someone in hospital or doing whatever I'm doing and then drive back to where I live in the evening.
Get rid of all the parking restrictions, or keep them to a minimum. It is a racket now to get money out of motorists anyway and I would put traffic wardens and the CCTV cameras to catch the people who are driving round with no tax and insurance.
Let's start prosecuting them and getting money out of them who are really breaking the law.
Didn't Ken himself say that 20% of the cars in London have no tax or insurance?
I've had taxi drivers telling me how they've had Eastern Europeans bashing into them and run off and leave the car because it's clapped out old banger anyway.
Regarding Crossrail we would to scrap the central tunnelling and convert Brunel's Hammersmith and City tube line to take longer Crossrail trains.