Mayoral Election | Stated Policies

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Below is a summary of the various transport policies which the main challengers for Mayor have espoused in the run up to the election on May 1st 2008.

This post will be added to as more policies are announced. If we have missed something, please get in touch.

Ken Livingstone, Labour (view the transport manifesto here)

Over-60s and the disabled to be allowed to use the freedom pass, allowing free travel on London public transport 24 hours a day, instead of just after 9am. (11/02/08, The Guardian)

Congestion charge likely to rise to £25 a day for heavily polluting 4x4s. (11/02/08, The Guardian)

No increase in fares in 2008 for single journeys on buses and the Tube. (11/02/08, The Guardian)

£500m cycling and walking programme. (11/02/08, TfL Press Release)

Opposes third runway at Heathrow & sixth terminal. (15/02/08, The Guardian)

Would close City Airport if had the power, will stop expansion. (15/02/08, The Guardian)

To run trams the length of Oxford Street, in place by 2018. (27/02/08, Evening Standard)

Not to order more bendy buses. (16/03/08, BBC)

To extend the LEZ. (27/03/08, Mayorwatch)

Wants a 20mph residential speed limit. (07/04/08, Reuters)

Extended, green, hybrid bus fleet within 4 years, with more services operating for 24 hours. (11/04/08, Transport Briefing)

A 'revitalisation' of Overground services. (10/04/08, MayorWatch)

To make transport 'women friendly'. (28/04/08, The Evening Standard)


Boris Johnson, Conservative (view the transport manifesto here)

Bendy buses to be replaced with a modern-day Routemaster. (11/02/08, The Guardian)

Congestion charge to be reformed (11/02/08, The Guardian), against the £25 CC. (12/02/08, Press Association)

Freedom pass to be retained. (11/02/08, The Guardian)

To consider a plan for 'Heathrow-on-Sea'. (10/02/08, The Times )

Confiscate free Oyster cards from violent and rowdy youths. (11/02/08, Your Local Guardian)

Free bus travel for all wounded troops. (11/02/08, The Sun)

Opposes third runway at Heathrow & sixth terminal. (15/02/08, The Guardian)

Will invest in extra rail capacity for south London. (19/02/08, Evening Standard)

To examine the increased use of the Thames for transport purposes. (21/02/08, ConservativeHome)

Will establish a 'London Orb' of express bus services to link suburban centres. (25/02/08, Evening Standard)

To allow motorcycles to use bus lanes. (26/02/08, Motorcycle News)

To ban alcohol on the tube. (03/04/08, Back Boris)


Brian Paddick, Liberal Democrat (view the transport manifesto here)

Will review the way the Tube is managed and allow unlimited bus journeys within an hour for the price of one Oyster card journey. (11/02/08, The Guardian)

A cab driver to have a seat on the Transport for London board. (11/02/08, The Guardian)

Against the £25 CC. (12/02/08, This is Local London)

Backs plans to extend Tramlink between Croydon & Sutton. (14/01/08, Transport Briefing)

Opposes third runway at Heathrow & sixth terminal. (15/02/08, The Guardian)

Would stop City Airport further expansion. (15/02/08, The Guardian)

Would introduce a £10 a day Congestion Charge. (15/02/08, The Telegraph)

Scrapping of the LEZ. (15/02/08, MayorWatch)

Allowing pre-pay Oyster to be used on unlimited bus journeys within an hour. (15/02/08, MayorWatch)

A 'woman friendly' tube carriage on each train from 9pm - line closure. (15/02/08, MayorWatch)

To run the tube on a concession model along the lines of the DLR. (15/02/08, MayorWatch)

A cycling scheme similar to that of Paris & the promoting of walking. (15/02/08, MayorWatch)

The development of high-speed rail links from Heathrow. (18/02/08, Transport Briefing)

Introduction of guards on trains after 9pm & worst bus routes. (22/02/08, Londra Gazette)

Instigation of a major tram network. (08/04/08, Transport Briefing)

To bring river services under Oyster control. (08/04/08, London SE1)


Sian Berry, Green

Will cut all bus and off-peak Tube fares. (11/02/08, The Guardian)

20mph as the normal London speed limit. (11/02/08, The Guardian)

Promote "shared space" street design to cut traffic speed. (11/02/08, The Guardian)

Freedom pass to operate 24 hours a day. (11/02/08, The Guardian)

London City Airport to close. (11/02/08, The Guardian)

Opposes third runway at Heathrow & sixth terminal. (15/02/08, The Guardian)

Free travel for pensioners and under 18s. (14/02/08, Siân for Mayor)

An end to tube privatisation. (14/02/08, Siân for Mayor)

All night tube at the weekends. (14/02/08, Siân for Mayor)

Car free Sundays in the West End. (14/02/08, Siân for Mayor)

£150m per year on bikes by 2012, scheme introduced as in Paris. (14/02/08, Siân for Mayor)

Car clubs, cyling/walking zones, personal consultants for Outer London. (07/04/08, Siân for Mayor)