More Tube Strikes?


The FT carries the news that unions have balloted tube workers this week on taking industrial action:

London Underground's two biggest unions, the RMT and TSSA, said a series of grievances, including ticket office closures, lone working, the use of agency staff and the introduction of mobile supervisors amounted to an "unacceptable attack" on safety standards.

TFL argue that these concerns should be addressed through the normal negotiating channels. Meanwhile Brian Paddick, Lib Dem challenger for the Mayorality, has spoken out on the issue:

"It’s about time someone took responsibility and got a grip of the unions. Ken is totally impotent: he should stand aside and let someone who can deliver take over."

LondonUnlocked applauds Mr Paddick's stance against the unions, which is all the more notable in the absence of comment from either Boris Johnson or Ken Livingstone. London needs strong leadership in order to move forward and it is notable that on this issue only Mr Paddick wishes to stick his neck out.