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Having spent the past couple of weeks populating the LondonUnlocked site, today we launch the first of our in-depth articles examining possibilities for London's transport future. A separate area [projects] has been created which will provide easy access to these articles from the site's main page. The first project which LondonUnlocked will examine is MonoMetro.


MonoMetro plans for a narrow-gauge railway to run above the streets of London, connecting transport hubs such as Waterloo, Canary Wharf, and Paddington, alleviating street-level traffic and taking the strain off the Underground.

If implemented and successful, journey times across these locations in London will drop (MonoMetro has a map of potential sites for it to be based on the existing London Underground Map)

The Wharf carried an article on the proposed programme in 2004, highlighting its viability and stating that it could carry as many as 20,000 passengers an hour to and from Liverpool St and Canary Wharf, with the journey taking under 12 minutes.

Such a project would be an enormous investment in London's transport future. It would keep with LondonUnlocked's remit of looking above and beyond what have become the expected modes of transport for Londoners, and provide a long-term, expandable solution to London's growing transport needs.

Please take some time to examine MonoMetro's website and proposals. It is the opinion of this site that regardless of the results of such efforts, without at least seriously considering schemes such as this, the elected and un-elected representatives who make decisions on behalf of all Londoners are being remiss in their duties.

Perhaps the video below is a glimpse of London's transport future? Certainly this is a vision which fits with the new Olympic plans being unveiled.

Let us know what you think. It's only with your voice that LondonUnlocked can bring schemes such as this to the attention of decision-makers.

In the coming weeks and months we will profile more schemes like this, and run interviews with key figures in the design, building and decision-making process. Please let us know if you have any ideas for projects we could undertake in the future.

DISCLAIMER: LondonUnlocked has never accepted monies or benefits of any kind from the projects which it examines, and will not do so. LondonUnlocked is an independent organisation.