Ken Livingstone Sets the Agenda

Election 2008Editor

As mentioned yesterday, Ken Livingstone delivered his speech to the GLA on the budget for 2008/9, which can be found here.

Most of Mr Livingstone's spending commitments centre around the political strengths of his electoral opponents - £3.9m for community issues and £2m to combat gun and gang culture (Boris Johnson's major theme), whilst he offers £59m to counter terrorism, seen as Brian Paddick's strength.

Sadly, there was no mention in Mr Livingstone's speech about new transport projects, reviews, or changes in emphasis. This is a disappointing lack of vision for a Mayor who needs to renew his claim to be change candidate for London and leaves a substantial gap for Mr Johnson or Mr Paddick to step in with bold policy ideas.

Meanwhile, the debate of the Mayor's record rumbles on. Mr Livingstone responds directly to the claims by Martin Bright of the New Statesman here.