Newslinks | 5th June 2007

The NewsEditor

Buses run into trouble "Rising numbers of rowdy students are annoying adult passengers, distracting drivers and scaring younger children. Whose job is it to control them?" - Fascinating article on the relationship between crime and overcrowding on London Buses. [from The Guardian]

Chilled Commuters?

Tube trains to be fitted with blocks of ice to cool down passengers

"Squashed on a commuter train in sweltering temperatures, the thought of sitting on a block of ice may hold a certain appeal.

"Now, such a daydream could become reality, as transport bosses consider stashing giant ice cubes underneath seats to cool carriages." [from ThisIsLondon]

UK sees arrival of fuel cell cars

"Environmentally-friendly fuel cell cars will be arriving on the UK's roads for the first time this week.

"As part of the effort to raise awareness of World Environment Day, a variety of fuel-efficient and low-emission vehicles will be taking to the roads on Tuesday and will be driving from Brighton to London." [from the ETA]

Two-tier parking fines for capital

"Motorists are being reminded the country's first city-wide two-tier parking penalty scheme will be introduced in London on July 1.

"In inner London, the scheme will see motorists hit with a £120 fine for more serious parking offences and £80 for lesser ones such as overstaying on parking meters.

"The penalties will be £100 and £60 in outer London. All fines will be reduced by 50 per cent if paid within 14 days." [from This Is Local London]