Newslinks | Metronet's "pathetic under-delivery"

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The Times reports on the Transport Select Committee's recent investigation into Metronet:

In a damning report from the Transport Select Committee, the Government was told to recall Metronet's “pathetic under-delivery” whenever it negotiated with private sector suppliers.
The report questions the methodology of the Public Private Partnership (PPP), Gordon Brown's favoured means of public procurement, calling it flawed and saying that it allowed the private sector to walk away unscathed while the taxpayer paid for spiralling cost overruns.

The committee's report is damning and a list of recommendations is given:

Top of the list was that the Government should bear the Metronet collapse in mind if and when its parent companies - Atkins, Balfour Beatty, Bombardier, EDF Energy and Thames Water - next come to bid for publicly funded work.

We will follow TfL's response to this report closely - it will not be good enough for the Mayor to simply hand the contact back to the same companies which have left a £500m debt for the public purse to pick up.

The full Select Committee report can be found here (pdf download).