Newslinks | New East London Airport?

Election 2008, The NewsEditor

Boris Johnson, Conservative challenger for Mayor, has declared his support for a new airport, based to the east of London, instead of adding a further runway to Heathrow:

"I would like to look at a variety of solutions and we should ask the question whether we should have the solution in the Thames estuary," said Mr Johnson in the Evening Standard.

This statement comes only days after the four leading candidates for the Mayorality (Ken Livingstone, Boris Johnson, Brian Paddick, and Sian Berry) appeared in a joint newspaper advert condemning plans for a third runway at Heathrow.

Fellow campaigner, Sian Berry, has slammed Mr Johnson's new plans as "the most ridiculous idea we've heard from the Johnson camp so far. Aviation is doing our city no favours at the moment. We need fewer airports in London, not more, for both economic and health reasons."

Ms Berry's full comments can be read here.

Mr Johnson has opened up an interesting debate about London's future. Heathrow is massively over-stretched, and there are concerns that the new terminal will only meet demand rather than exceed it. London's airports are badly located, inadequately linked together, and a disincentive for business to come to the City.

LondonUnlocked very much hopes that Mr Johnson will consider these issues as he slowly unveils his policies. There are blatant gaps in our transport network which a serious candidate must have plans to fill.