Mayoral Update: Brian Paddick's Transport Policies

Election 2008Editor

Liberal Democrat contender for the Mayorality, Brian Paddick, has begun to list a number of proposals for transport in London should he be successful in his bid. Firstly, Mr Paddick has backed plans to extend the Tramlink in Croydon to Sutton.

On the Congestion Charge, Mr Paddick backs Boris Johnson's position that the Congestion Charge extension should be scrapped. Meanwhile, he has been floating two contradictory ideas for central London, as the Evening Standard reports:

A ban on all cars in central London has been proposed by Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate Brian Paddick.

The radical "nuclear option" unveiled in his manifesto was designed to cut congestion and improve public transport.

Another serious option was to increase the congestion charge from £8 to £20 a day, penalising motorists who could take the Tube or bus instead.

"We have got a dilemma here. The streets of London are not built to allow everybody who wants to drive in central London to drive. That is the essence of the problem. Congestion is back at the same level it was before the congestion charge was introduced. One radical solution is to ban all cars from central London. We need to consider that. It's a nuclear option. It doesn't matter how rich you are - you just can't drive. It's a very swift way to make sure public transport improves.

"The other way is to say you can't remove people's right to drive if they want to - but if they choose to drive they have to pay for that privilege."

He floated the idea of reducing the £8 weekday charge for essential journeys - and awarding every driver registered at a London address with six passes a year allowing them to enter central London for free. "I would want to differentiate between people who have the choice of making their journey on public transport against those people who have no choice at all," he said.

There are some sensible and weighty proposals under Mr Paddick's talk - especially that of allowing a carnet of free-passes to London residents to enter the charge zone. As stated in the below article, LondonUnlocked will report on any developments in policy from the major candidates and publish them here with comment.