Mayoral Update: Boris Johnson's Transport Policies

Election 2008Editor

Boris Johnson has unveiled a few more transport policies in recent days. Firstly, ConservativeHome states that in a meeting with cabbies Mr Johnson spoke about initiatives including:

Putting a representative of the cab trade on the board of Transport for London Scrapping the unnecessary burden of mid-year inspections Scrapping PCO Notice 44/06 that penalises cabbies for stopping at red routes to allow passengers to use cashpoints Working with local councils to standardise the varying rules regarding bus lane use

ConservativeHome also reports that Mr Johnson is keen to see rickshaws taken off the streets.

Finally, on BBC London last night, Mr Johnson stated that he would be keen to scrap the extension of the Congestion Charge and change some of the rules governing the delivery of fines:

Mr Johnson said: "I don't think the western extension is working very well. I think it's delivering huge numbers of cars into the central zone, and I think we should get rid of it."

He said the congestion zone had seen a 15% rise in traffic numbers in the last year and was not "delivering the cuts in congestion it promised to do".

Mr Johnson also repeated plans to retire London's fleet of "bendy-buses", and pledged to open a tender for new designs to replace them.

He also said he would cap Tube and other transport fares in the city, although he did support the use of Oyster cards.

We are heartened that there are finally some solid policies coming from the major candidates for the Mayorality - as they are released, LondonUnlocked will begin to compile of dossier of commitments from each candidate, and also assess the differences which they will make to London.