East London Line Opens 2010, Ghost Buses in Service


The East London Advertiser has a must read article on the closure of the East London Line:

The next train won't be arriving at the platform till 2010 - that's the year, not the 24-hour rail time.

So City Hall is laying on special replacement buses... but they don't go where passengers want them to.

London Assembly member John Biggs, who turned up at Wapping station with MP Jim Fitzpatrick and Tower Hamlets council leader Denise Jones at 8am, discovered many commuters finding other ways to get to work.

"The double-decker replacement buses are almost empty," he said.

"They don't take passengers directly to their workplace or to a fast tube link."

The East London Line is an essential line, linking places such as Wapping to places with better transport links - taking it out of commission until 2010 was always going to be a risk, but the sight of unused ELW buses trundling down London's roads beggars belief. LondonUnlocked very much hopes that TfL will learn from the mistakes made and adjust the routes accordingly.

As covered by LondonUnlocked here and here the possibilities for the East London Line were diminished because of the impetus placed on CrossRail and the diversion of funds towards that project. A proper link between the East of London and Clapham would be valuable to commuters and business and take considerable strain off older, less 'growable' public transport methods.

In the clamour that follows the closure of the East London Line in the next few months we very much hope that TfL will see the light and reconsider its position on this issue.