Newslinks | Above Inflation Price Rises

The NewsEditor

The Daily Mail has a good breakdown of the new price rises for tickets on routes entering London, many of which are above inflation despite less-than-perfect service records. Meanwhile, the Mayor and Boris Johnson have been clashing on the same subject:

The Tory mayoral candidate seized on the fact that travelcards went up by an average of 3.8 per cent this month and accused Mr Livingstone of "serial dishonesty" over fares.

The Mayor hit back, blaming train operators for forcing up the cost of the travelcard and pointing out that single Tube and bus Oyster fares had been frozen for 2008.

Mr Johnson said the "freeze" masks the Mayor's record of increasing fares in virtually every year since his re-election in 2004.

He pointed out that when Mr Livingstone was last running for re-election, he promised to hold any future fare increases to "no more than the rate of inflation".

But in his second term, the Mayor increased Tube fares over three consecutive years - twice above inflation.

The full article can be found in the Evening Standard here.