Newslinks | Olympics' £897m Transport Budget

The NewsEditor

The London 2012 Olympics' budget is set to finance £897 million in transport improvements throughout London. The most expensive transport project outlined in the budget is the £119 million redevelopment of Stratford's rail station, reports Transport Briefing.

A further £110 million will be spent on improvements to the North London Line which forms part of the London Overground network.

The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) will be improved using £86 million of the fund while £47 million will be spent building new sidings at Orient Way.

Meanwhile, the London Docklands Light Railway has opened its 39th station.

The £7.5 million project has been built on one of the longest stretches of the railway not to have a station.

Walking times to a DLR station will be decreased by the new development.

Approximately 65 per cent of users will now be able to reach a hospital in 30 minutes as opposed to 11 per cent.

(reprinted in full from The ETA)