The News: Heathrow costs & other stories

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Our headline story today is regarding the cost providing access to an expanded Heathrow:

Transport for London (TfL) has raised "serious concerns" about congestion and the costs of expansion at Heathrow just weeks before the Airports Commission's final recommendation is due.

TfL said both the airport and Commission had "significantly underestimated" the challenge of improving transport access to the site, with the Airports Commission estimating £5bn would be enough to make the improvements.

But TfL believes to provide an optimal level of service, the figure would be nearer to £20bn, raising questions about who would pay the additional costs.

With Sir Howard Davies' recommendations only weeks away, if TfL's figures are correct, this creates a worrying black-hole in the books which neither they, nor the government, will have budgeted for.

And some news in brief, below: