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Maurice Bennett, renowned retail industry entrepreneur, is providing the support and expertise to get LondonUnlocked off the ground. Maurice has been in the retail industry for 56 years, building up companies such as Bennett Cameras, Warehouse, Oasis Stores, Coast and Phase Eight.

Maurice and his brother Michael were awarded the prestigious life time achievement award at the Drapers Awards in 2006.

Maurice has a long history with transport projects in London, having launched the A Car Free London campaign in 1999 in order to get interested bodies to work together to plot a new direction for our Capital’s infrastructure.

LondonUnlocked is Maurice’s transport campaign for the 21st Century: web-based and democratic. With LondonUnlocked neither tied to any political party nor dogma, Maurice simply wants to help stir a debate, and to help London retain its position as one of the greatest cities in the world to work and live.

In Maurice’s own words:

"We need a new plan for London. People need to see that public transport is at least as fast and as convenient as taking their cars and congesting our roads. Young people need to see that new modes of transport can be fun.

"We need a root and branch re-examination of what London needs in its transport network, and to get young people involved in it immediately so that they, and their children, are interested in supporting the system and keeping it going."

Declaration: Maurice Bennett has in the past given financial support to the UK Conservative Party. All donations were given in a private capacity and in no way influence the editorial policies of this site.