New Tubes, maps, and apps.

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We'll start this edition with two more maps to marvel at:

An interactive map, from CityLab, of the top languages spoken at each Tube station.

Fancy exploring the world of wine? Meet Wine Tubemap.


Elsewhere, there has been much news about the future of the Tube as TfL has released details about their new Tube trains:

This £2bn upgrade will will replace trains on the Piccadilly, Central, Bakerloo, and Waterloo & City lines, starting from 2022. LU estimates that the new designs will allow anywhere between 25 and 60% more commuters on each train. They also include a new air cooling system which go some way towards helping to cope with the extreme temperatures we see every summer.

Oh, and they are designed to be driverless - although TfL has pledged that drivers will be on board at day 1. It's worth reading LondonReconnections' piece to understand just how many driverless claims are nothing but rhetoric.


In other news, the Mayor has launched the 2nd London Datastore. The first is responsible for making data available which drive now ubiquitous apps - bike finders, CityMapper etc. What will developers make of this next tranche?


Finally, the fast-moving app market is changing more: London-based Hailo has pulled out of the US to concentrate on Europe and Asia. And yet another app has launched - Maaxi - to help consumers hail black cabs.