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The NewsEditor

The Economist this week carries a well thought out article on road pricing and its merits to getting people off the roads and into public transport.

In the absence of both road pricing and a serious programme of road building, it is not clear how ministers plan to unclog the roads. There is vague talk of encouraging frustrated motorists to use the railways, but there is little spare capacity on the trains either. Overcrowding is already bad on many routes, especially commuter lines into London. Rail experts worry that the London-to-Glasgow West Coast Main Line—in which £8.6 billion is now being invested to increase capacity—could be jammed again by 2015. And though using price to control demand on the roads seems to be out of favour, the railways are embracing it enthusiastically: fares are due to rise by up to 14% next year.

The article is well worth a read and can be found in full here.