Newslinks | CrossRail in Livingstone's Hands

The NewsEditor

Various news sources report that control of the CrossRail scheme has now passed to Ken Livingstone. In a statement by Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly, it was announced that:

* Cross London Rail links, the company responsible for delivering the scheme, will become a 100 per cent owned Transport for London subsidiary.

* Construction will begin in 2010

* Transport for London, the Greater London Authroity, and the Mayor will raise £7.7bn for the project, with a further £5.6bn coming from the Department for Transport.

* The route will go from Maidenhead and Heathrow in the west across the capital into Essex and Kent in the east.

* Transport for London will be in charge of delivering the Crossrail rail services, while the government will be involved in the detailed services and timetable planning.