72 hour strike

LondonUnlocked, The NewsEditor
Tube Strike

Despite 8 hours of talks on Friday, and over 40 meetings between TfL and the RMT since the most recent dispute began, it appears that reconciliation has failed between the union and London Underground. Although both sides have indicated that they are willing to pick up talks ahead of the planned strike date, it would seem likely that Londoners face a 72 hour walk out across the Tube network from 9pm on Monday May 5th.

During the previous wave of strikes, TfL claims to have carried over 50% of Tube services, maintaining 80% of stations and offering a service on 10 of 11 lines. They will hope to offer a similar service from Monday. As ever, check TfL's website before travelling for up-to-date travel information.

Recriminations are coming thick and fast from both sides of the dispute. Mick Cross, Acting RMT General Secretary, accused the Mayor of engineering the dispute in pursuit of his political career. Meanwhile, the Mayor has stated that the RMT are holding London to ransom with just 30% support, threatening the modernisation agenda, and the network in turn.

Before travelling in the next couple of days check the TfL website for the latest travel news. If it is possible to not travel, or to use alternate modes of transport, it would be advised.