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The new TfL website moved from beta to live a few days ago. In terms of clarity and information displayed, it's a vast improvement on its predecessor. For an organisation like TfL, there is always going to be a fine line between impartial reporting of facts and political positioning. After all, the priorities of one Mayor may well be very different to another and this will be reflected in the priorities and attitude of TfL.

One of the key responsibilities of a Mayor is to "create plans and policies for the capital covering... transport." One Mayor, for example, may detest monorails, meaning that they never get a mention on the site. Another may commence a massive monorail building programme, ensuring that TfL delivers information on the project's status.

 TfL has to carefully walk that fine line between delivering policy and becoming a political mouthpiece.

That said, it's a bit jarring to spot on the front page of the new site a link to a section marked 'A new hub airport for the UK'. LondonUnlocked is broadly supportive of plans for a hub airport, but that doesn't mean that we think TfL should be in the business of advertising a political position through a 'neutral' website.

That fine line seems to be blurring a little.