The day after the strike

The NewsEditor
Tube Strike

We struggled on. TfL's own figures show that, despite a radically reduced service across the Underground, 86% of regular Oyster users travelled on the network on strike days. Some platforms (and trains) were deserted, others required one to join a queue to even enter the station.

Today, Friday, talks resume between the Unions and TfL. A successful resolution would see an agreement reached on redundancies and safety issues as TfL moves to implement its grand new vision for ticket offices and staffing. This would, of course, mean that the second strike, due to run from Tuesday to Thursday next week, would also be cancelled.

Dave Hill gives some insight into the battle behind the scenes and dives deeper than the caricatures of Bob Crow and Boris Johnson which are often trotted out in the press. An article worth reading.

Regardless of your opinion of who is right and who is wrong in this battle, let's hope that talks are successful and that this week's strikes are the last ones that we see for a while.