The News



  • The Mayor has published the Central London Grid - highlighting cycling routes across the centre of the Capital, designed to offer safe Superhighways and 'Quietways' about town for cyclists. If you have a view on the routes - you can comment on them until 14 Feb at the TfL website.
  • One in five cyclists have recently stopped cycling to work due to safety concerns, reports the BBC.
  • Metro makes the case that cyclists need more protection on the streets. Something the Met are undertaking to make happen.
  • The Mayor wants to ban cyclists from listening to headphones.
  • Dave Hill and Christian Wolmar make the case that London needs to emulate New York to make the city truly safer for cyclists.
  • And... the Met Commissioner says that he wouldn't cycle in London.

New projects

  • A new bridge for London designed by Thomas Heatherwick (of Olympic Cauldron fame) and supported by the Government? If you need something doing in this country it seems that Joanna Lumley is the lady...
  • And fancy seeing where that bridge will be from the river beneath it? Google have that sorted.
  • Dave Hill looks into the commercial development for the Tube while Tories on the Assembly continue to agitate for its sponsorship by commercial bodies.


  • TfL have teamed up with the FA to create a new Tube map to commemorate the organisations's 150th year.
  • The latest art for the Pocket Tube Map has bee released - a stunning design by artist Imran Qureshi.
  • 232 have created a new Tube map especially for those who are colourblind.


A very merry Christmas to our readers.

  • LondonReconnections have crafted a wonderful Christmas Quiz. Enjoy here.
  • And looking for that last minute item? How about some Tube socks?
  • Or maybe some Roundel Nikes?

We shall return early in the new year. Enjoy the festive break.