Boris Island

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Boris Island

After years of teases and speculation, the consortium behind the 'Boris Island' plan for a new hub airport for London and the South East have finally published their plans. The six runway airport could be built by 2021 at a cost of £47bn, offering 24 hour operation and triple & quadruple landing and take off. Connected to high-speed rail, Britannia Airport would also have rail links to Stansted and Gatwick, and the London Borough of Heathrow. Access to the airport would be entirely by public transport and check-in could occur at a number of central London locations.

Heathrow itself would be sold, and plans are included which detail the transformation of the area into a new London borough (although things get a bit sketchy after that).

Britannia Airport

Medway, Kent and Southend Councils continue to oppose the Mayor's favoured scheme, and Sir Howard Davies' Commission needs to consider all the options available to it before making a decision (which the Labour Party have announced they may not abide by).

Still, it is good to finally have some clarity in this debate, which has far longer to run yet.