Newslinks | Real Term Cuts for London Boroughs

The NewsEditor

Following the announcements here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here (and, no doubt, elsewhere too) from Ken Livingstone trumpeting 'local transport improvements' in each press release, eGov Monitor has noticed that these announcements actually amount to a real terms cut in transport spending for London's boroughs. The article features a robust rebuttal by Chairman of the London Councils Transport and Environment Committee, Cllr Daniel Moylan who states:

“TfL has ignored our calls for increases that at least match inflation to retain their full value in real terms. Their failure to do this means Londoners will not benefit from additional improvements to their roads and footpaths as any extra money will be swallowed by the cost of works already planned.

“We need to make sure that every London borough receives sufficient funding to help deliver a transport and road system benefiting everyone who lives, works and visit London.”

This soviet practice of announcing cuts as a triumph helps no one. TfL and the Mayor lacks any proper form of accountability which allows these statements to go largely untested in the media. LondonUnlocked sincerely hopes that the upcoming elections will at the very least force the current administration to be open and accountable for their actions. Londoners deserve nothing less.