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Thames Crossings


A House of Commons report calls for Heathrow expansion. The Mayor has other ideas:

The current two-runway airport was "not adequate for the needs of the UK" and expansion of Heathrow was "long overdue", they said.

But Mr Johnson said that a third runway would be "obsolete" by the time it was built, and that today's report made plain that advocates of this solution were effectively calling for a four-runway Heathrow, which he said would be "environmentally and politically undeliverable".

Incidentally, BA says that even if a new hub airport were built it might not choose to move there [Independent].


  • The Next Web reviews the 'ultimate' parking app for Londoners, Yellow Line.


  • The Mayor has been promoting himself the economic benefits of the New Bus for London to the UK [Evening Standard].
  • Meanwhile, Londonist looks at the price tag for each bus.


Darren Johnson, writing in The Guardian, questions the Mayor's cycling policy:

Outer London has missed the cycling revolution and that needs to change urgently. Johnson should promise to fund any borough who come forward with a strong, viable plan.

And Christian Wolmar gives his view, here.


  • Bombardier has won an £88m contract to deliver rail cars for TfL [BBC News].
  • Those of us hoping that HS2 might mean a new Euston might be a bit disappointed [BBC News].