Cross Rail 2

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CrossRail 2 map

Cheshunt to Hampton Court. That's the route for CrossRail 2 proposed by London First and supported by the Mayor, Boris Johnson. From London First's report into CrossRail 2:

Crossrail 2 (or the Chelsea-Hackney line) is included as the major scale intervention which could offer a significant step change in capacity for London’s transport network.

The route would offer an additional 100,000 peak morning journeys and would be running by the mid-2030s, at a cost of £10-12bn.

The Mayor:

The case for Crossrail 2 is incontestable and is made forcibly in this report. Over the next 20 years London’s population is forecast to expand to levels that will clog the Tube and rail arteries of our great city if we do not provide more capacity. There is no time to lose and my team will work closely with London First and others on developing plans for this vital railway.

A number of councils have also stepped up to support CrossRail 2, as have leading politicians (the task force writing the report was itself chaired by Labour peer, and former Transport Secretary, Lord Adonis). Business' involvement in the report suggests that, as with CrossRail 1, if the route it right then they will also make a fair contribution to its delivery.

CrossRail should deliver huge benefits to London when it comes online in 2018. Government, the Mayor and business must start working together now to ensure that its legacy is supported through the delivery of CrossRail 2.