Newslinks | Johnson Campaign 'Drift'

The NewsEditor

Conservative Headquarters are reported to be concerned about Boris Johnson's "drift" in the months running up to conference, reports the grassroots website, ConservativeHome. Mr Johnson's campaign website has not been updated since September, and he has gone rather quiet on London's major issues recently: namely TfL's sole bid for Metronet; Sir Ian Blair's troubles, and the opening of St Pancras for the Eurostar.

Understandably, due to the Livingstone press machine's incredible rapid-rebuttal unit, Mr Johnson wants to keep his powder dry, but for the main challenger to the incumbent Mayor to go quiet like this is an affront to his supporters. Government works best with a strong opposition, and as it is now Mr Johnson's role to counter the Mayor, he must act.

LondonUnlocked has been in touch with Mr Johnson's press team repeatedly, and after an initial dialogue, has heard nothing back. Similar experiences have been recounted to us by other members of the press. This is disappointing, and we hope that Mr Johnson listens to his critics and begins to perform the important role which Londoners elected him to in an open ballot.

London needs bold leadership, which we have not yet seen from Mr Johnson.