The Tube at 150

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Happy birthday to the Tube! An iconic London institution; an essential part of getting about the capital, the past and future of London.

Whatever you think of the Tube - and it is many things to many people - it's a tremendous achievement that 150 years ago today the first train ran from Paddington to Farringdon. The bad old days of under-investment are over and, while the delays that the upgrade work demand can be maddening, there is light on the horizon.

A birthday is a fine time to look both backwards and forwards. A round-up of comment from the media below:

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Tomorrow, as part of the celebrations, the Met Locomotive No 1 takes an anniversary run along the original Metropolitan Line and parts of the District Line. It's amazing to think of how the Tube has changed over the years. A service that once ran steam trains is now talked of as introducing electric driverless trains. The network well reflects the changing face of London.

Happy birthday to the Tube!

PS The headline image is today's Google doodle, in celebration of the anniversary.

UPDATE: A few more celebratory articles, below: