Newslinks | School Buses Hit by Carbon Charge

The NewsEditor

School buses are to be hit by a £100 per day carbon charge under plans by Mayor Ken Livingstone, reports the Telegraph:

...from October 2010, the restrictions will be extended to cover large diesel-engined vans and minibuses carrying more than eight passengers.

According to Transport for London, up to 100,000 vans and minibuses – roughly one in four of the total in the capital – do not comply with the standards.

Anyone owning a heavy vehicle registered before Jan 1, 2002, would face a potential four-figure bill to adapt it to meet standards.

Those who will be hit include schools, which often rely on minibuses to ferry children.

In LondonUnlocked's opinion, this approach is utter madness. The Mayor has stated in the past that he would like to see children travel more on school buses, and remove the so-called "Chelsea Tractors" from the streets - this policy will not help to bring that about. Parents will either be forced to drive their children to school, or to allow their children to take public transport, further congesting the network at its busiest time. This is a ridiculous, ill thought-out, policy.