4.2% rise in bus and tube fares ahead

The NewsEditor

The Mayor has announced, in his 2013 Fares Decision, that:

  • Travelcard prices will raise by 4.2% (RPI+1%) from January 2013
  • PAYG will rise by 4.1% overall, with peak fares raising by up to 20p and 10p at other times
  • Bus PAYG single fares will raise to £1.40 and one day bus cap by 4.7%
  • Bus and Tram season prices increase by 4.3%
  • Access charges to the Cycle Hire scheme increase by 100% - daily fee rising from £1, to £2. Monthly and yearly passes increase accordingly.

The rise is less than expected due to a £96m lump sum from the Government. However, the uplift to Cycle Hire charges is unexpected and heavy.

Admittedly, the scheme is expanding and is soon to stretch out to SW London also, but an effective doubling of access fees will, no doubt, have an effect on the number of users. Is this, as some have suggested, about pushing existing users to their own bikes?