Newslinks | 22nd May 2007

The NewsEditor

Tube contractors learn from managers’ Japanese automotive experience "New methods have enabled Tubelines, whose contract covers the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines, to cut the time for each escalator overhaul has been cut from 26 weeks to six, while Metronet Rail, which works on the rest of the system, said it had reduced the average time taken by regular overhauls from 72 to 48 working hours, so making more trains available for public service. It is now aiming to shrink it to a mere 14 hours." [from AutoIndustry]

Performance report states Tube Lines is 'ahead of all its contractual targets'.

"Tube Lines’ performance report for the latest quarterly period (three months to the end of March 2007) states that the consortium is “ahead of all its contractual targets”.

"The Tube Lines consortium won the PPP for the upgrade of one third of the London Underground network. Its territory comprises the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly Lines." [from ContractJournal]

Threats to the Freedom Pass

"In a open letter to the Mayor, London Councils respond to his statements about the financing of Freedom Pass and argues its the council not the Mayor who provided this service and its the Mayor's TfL who are causing the current problem." [from eGov Monitor]

London’s bus lanes to become more congested

"Following London Mayor Ken Livingstone’s statement on Capital Radio that Private Hire Vehicles would be allowed to use the London bus lanes, the London Taxi Board, which represents 9,000 Hackney Carriage Drivers, says this is a recipe for extended congestion across the Capital." [from Easier Motoring]

Push towards pay-as-you-go roads

"The government is pushing ahead with plans to introduce road pricing schemes in England and Wales despite a huge public campaign against them." [from BBC News Online]

and finally...

London calling: Opik in cheeky bid for mayor

"...the publicity friendly MP, who has revelled in his headline-grabbing relationship with Touch-My-Bum Cheeky Girl Gabriela Irimia, is now privately telling friends that he is "genuinely tempted" to have a surprise crack at Livingstone next year."