The highways of London

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A few weeks ago we touched on the Mayor's interest in running elevated cycleways alongside existing railway lines. In an interview with The Times, Sam Martin and Oli Clark of Exterior Architecture give some more details of the idea:

“It’s an elevated cycle way, only for cyclists, that would follow the existing geography of the overland railways,” Mr Martin explained. “The cycle way could be clipped on to the bridges and viaducts, or sometimes be constructed on the embankment or siding. It would make its way around London in a sinuous fashion.”

and, interestingly, sketches out a possible timeline:

“Within two to three years, we could be beginning work on a couple of routes,” Mr Martin said. “Within five, it could be built and useable.”

There would be much to arrange ahead of then, not least funding, planning, and obtaining consent from Network Rail. And perhaps money should be spent making existing routes safer rather than promoting new schemes. Nonetheless, it's an exciting project for the city.

UPDATE: BikeRadar reports on initial meetings between Exterior Architecture, Network Rail, TfL and the Mayor's Office.