Two heritage train trips on the Underground this month


From Annie Mole: Once the Olympics are out of the way, for tube heritage fans, there will be two opportunities to sate your hunger this month - one this coming weekend and another very different event at the end of the month.

Firstly, this weekend there will be one of the occasional outings for the restored 1938 tube train in all its art-deco glory, and 1980s adverts. The outing is part of the Amersham Heritage Open Day, in addition to the vintage tube train, there are trips on an old Routemaster bus and on an early Met Line electric locomotive.

Trips on the tube train start from £10, and on the Met Line locomotive at £5 each. The bus will be free.

Book tickets online here or by phone at 020 7565 7298.

The other event later this month is a sad farewell to the oldest trains still running on the Underground - the venerable Met Line trains which have been slowly replaced over the past year with the swanky newair conditioned models.

Two things are happening.

It is likely -- but not officially confirmed yet -- that the very last trip by the last remaining train as a passenger service will be on Wednesday 26 September.

However, there will then be a last grand send off on the following Saturday (29th Sept) and the last remaining train will run along the entire length of the Metropolitan Line, calling at every single station served by the trains.

As with the Victoria Line farewell tour, the train will have a commemorative banner on the front of the train to mark the special trip.

As that is an all-day event, tickets are a more pricey £40 each, with the funds going to charity. Of course, you don't have to pay to stand on sidelines and wave goodbye to the old train as it passes.

Tickets for the farewell tour go on sale later today - 020 7565 7298

More details here.