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The Games

  • The BBC reports that the transport portion of the Games was a great success. For those of us who were here throughout perhaps that's not a surprising story. Interesting though is the 'Games by numbers' section the article carries:

The Games by numbers

  • More than 1m spectators for the men's and women's cycling road races
  • London Underground: Carried more than 4.5m passengers on 7 August - the busiest in its history
  • DLR: More than 500,000 daily passengers for first time, on Friday 3 August, up 70% on a normal day
  • London Overground: 657,000 over weekend of 4 and 5 August, 24% up on the busiest non-Olympic weekend
  • Barclays Cycle Hire: 1m hires in July for first time, 47,000 on 26 July - highest ever daily total
  • With the Paralympics almost on us, Transport for All have called for improved facilities for disabled people to get about on the transport network [PA].
  • TfL are warning of potential congestion problems as the Paralympics kick into gear as the school holidays end [Evening Standard].


  • The Mayor has ordered that London buses should accept Scottish banknotes [The Scotsman].


  • Airline chiefs have rejected Lord Foster's suggestion that landing fees could be used to pay for the creation of a Thames estuary airport. From Kent News:

Last month Lord Foster and his team devised a plan they believe would help raise funds to pay for the new airport, which would be part of a multi-billion pound four-runway transport hub on the north Kent coast.

They proposed funding the airport partly through landing charges – around £8bn – paid by airlines operating at Heathrow between 2018 and 2028.

A further £11bn, they claim, could come from landing charges at the new airport in the decade after its opening in 2028.

  • The Lib Dems will debate the motion (found on pg 20 of this PDF) at their upcoming conference that Heathrow should not be expanded and than an estuary airport would be too costly.
  • BAA have decided to sell Stansted Airport [BBC].


  • A 30 year PFI deal to manage, operate and maintain power to the Underground is to be scrapped [The Construction Index].
  • The Home Office is looking for new technologies which could potentially be used to add airport-sytle screening to the Tube [The Guardian].


  • Rail fares are set to rise by 6.2% in January [BBC].
  • Three retired ladies are using their Freedom Pass to ride every bus route in London, from 1 to 549.
  • Virgin have lost the West Coast Mainline franchise to First Group [Independent].

In other news

  • Virgin Media's WiFi service has been used over 3 million times since the Olympics [ITV].
  • Retail Week (£) suggests that this may have gone some way to off-setting the drop in visitors to the West End throughout the Games.
  • Time Out asks: What do you think of the 'new taxi for London'?