Boris' Olympic Dream

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An interview with the Mayor in the Standard last week set the cat amongst the pigeons. Typically the Mayor's supposed ambitions of even-higher office ("Stop pussyfooting around, Cameron") pushed the real story from the headlines: that he has big ideas about where London should be going in the future.

From the Standard's write up of the interview:

Mr Johnson told the Standard: “The way to get business really motoring in the UK is to cut taxes, cut regulation, create the infrastructure and get behind it. That’s what you should do.” He also:

* Revealed plans for an elevated network of cycle lanes alongside Overground rail tracks.

* Insisted George Osborne “is up for” big infrastructure projects such as an airport in the Thames Estuary but criticised “inertia” in the Government.

and later...

He added: “One of the ways of doing that would be to commit to further infrastructure — Crossrail 2, more river crossings, a massive house building programme for the city.”

The entire interview is worth a read. Putting aside the politics, there are some interesting new ideas such as the raised cycle paths, some perennials such as the Estuary Airport, and some which seem to be getting greater focus such as CrossRail 2. Getting any through will be a battle - the vision, planning, funding, and politics will all have to align.

In the coming days we'll be taking a look at each of the schemes that the Mayor has proposed in some detail, taking these factors into account where we can. Stay tuned for more.