Newslinks | London - Amsterdam Eurostar Delayed

The NewsEditor

The creation of a direct London - Amsterdam Eurostar route has been delayed due to logistical reasons on the Dutch side, reports Transport Briefing:

Plans for a direct London-Amsterdam train service have run into further difficulties after the Dutch government announced that the opening of a new section of railway for high speed journeys would be delayed indefinitely.

Thalys trains between Amsterdam and Paris were due to start using new, dedicated track between Amsterdam and Rotterdam from December this year and run at up to 160km/h as a precursor to 186mph between the French and Dutch capitals, scheduled to start in October 2008. However, in a letter to parliament last week Dutch transport minister Camiel Eurlings said that the plan to start 160km/h running in December was "dangerous". There is now no date fixed for the Dutch part of the high-speed link to open.