Newslinks | 18th May 2007

The NewsEditor

Make tracks to Brixton for the Cross River Tram roadshow "The Cross River Tram is a proposed service running between Euston and Waterloo, with branches to Camden Town and King’s Cross in the north, and Brixton and Peckham in the south." [from TfL]

Publication on the future of transport

"Dubbed Moving forward, new directions in transport design, the publication examines new ideas for all fields of transport, including rail, aviation, road and off-road.

"As well as cutting-edge designs for new trains and stations, the book considers novel solutions for door-to-door travel, innovative mass transit systems of the future and multi-mode vehicles." [from TUV Product Services]

'£1bn rise' in Tube overhaul bill

"Metronet, the company investing £17bn in improving the network over the next 30 years, estimates it will have a £1bn overspend after seven-and-a-half years." [from BBC News Online]

Today is Work from Home day

"Today (May 18) is the second annual National Work from Home Day. Millions of workers around the UK will be experiencing the benefits of working from their home. Not only will they have avoided the fight through over-crowded public transport or frustration sitting in traffic jams, but they will have saved a few hours in time and been able to start work un-flustered and un-stressed." [from]

Businesses can save time, money and the environment

"Businesses can save time, money and the environment by joining Transport for London’s new way to work.

"A new scheme to encourage businesses to help their staff leave their cars at home, save money, and reduce their impact on the environment, has been launched by Transport for London (TfL) today." [from]

Ultra-local magazine targets Tube commuters

"A bored graduate has teamed up with a colleague and got his family on board to produce and distribute a free fortnightly magazine that is proving popular with commuters in north London." [from Press Gazette]