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Despite the weight of expectation against it (see headlines such as: 'Transport chaos averted as athletics kicks off'), London's transport network is holding up admirably throughout the Olympics. The Guardian covers the extra stress put on the system by the Games:

"Tube numbers grew steadily over the three busiest days ever, peaking on the first day of athletics on Friday 3 August at 4.4m journeys, 20% higher than the same time last year.

"The Docklands Light Railway served more than 500,000 journeys on Friday, its busiest day in history and 70% up on the average.

"London Overground passengers were up 27% on the same week last year, while the cycle-hire scheme saw numbers borrowed pass the million mark in July for the first time in any month. The mayor's new cable car has proved almost as popular with the public as his zip-wire antics, with 24,400 crossing daily."

To better manage the increased numbers, and limit disruption to Londoners, further relaxation of the Olympic Route Network has been made.

Meanwhile, Allister Heath at CITY AM looks for what London should be learning from the Games:

"The real lesson from the Olympics is that tourism needs to be one of London’s growth areas in the years ahead. But the key will be to manage a steep increase in flows of people from abroad while ensuring business as normal for the City and residents. This will require an enhanced infrastructure – and the only way to pay for it will be to tap the private sector. We need more airport capacity for a start. It is absolutely essential that the government gets its act together on this. London is a wonderful city; it is now time to maximise its potential as the greatest tourist destination in the Western hemisphere."



  • Olympic gold medallist Bradley Wiggins has called for legislation on cycle helmets following the death of a cyclist near the Olympic park [The Times]...
  • …but transport commentator Christian Wolmar says that the problem is road safety, not helmets.

New Transport, New Projects

  • As part of their £45m contract with Kone, CrossRail and TfL will receive the UK's first incline lifts [Breakingtravelnews].
  • Nissan have revealed a new London taxi, offering improved fuel efficiency [Autocar].
  • London Councils have launched a new adjudication service for those issued with parking charges on private land [LocalGov].