Newslinks: Not the Olympics Edition

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With the London Olympics only days away, the world's eyes are focussed on the Capital. We're looking in that direction too but realise that not all of our readers may be doing the same.

So, we've decided to split our normal 'newslinks' format in two - throughout the period there will be an Olympic and non-Olympic edition, one for our regular readers, and one for those who may be only be stopping by for a short while.

Enjoy the non-Olympic edition below...


  • As we covered previously, the Government has put back its review of London's air capacity. The BBC has the story while the FT covers the position regarding regional airports.
  • Gatwick, meanwhile, has published its masterplan, stating that it may need to expand to a second runway to cope with capacity (full details here).

Cycle safety

  • TfL have published a list of the junctions which it intends to improve in order to ensure that cyclists are safer when traversing London's streets. The BBC has the story, including that 50 of them will be tackled within 18 months.
  • Meanwhile, The Times has it's own spin on the story, linking the planned improvements to its #cyclesafety campaign.


  • As reported earlier, the Government has announced a £9bn investment plan for the rail network. Projects include the line between London and Leeds, London and Bristol and funds to complete CrossRail [PA]. The BBC and Guardian have further details on these and other projects.

Connected Transport

  • asks what the future of Tube WiFi looks like once the Olympics are over
  • And Know Your Mobile asks if we'll ever see 3G access.

Future transport, Future projects

  • London24 covers the slow progress being made in opening up London's disused underground stations.
  • The London Assembly has called on the Mayor to rethink the fare structure for the new cable car system. It's hard to disagree with them [MayorWatch].
  • Annie Mole takes a look at the recent furore over driverless train trials.
  • The Southwark Super Tram? Running from London Bridge to Camberwell? In two years? LondonSE1 has more.
  • The Mayor's Roads Task Force, reviewing 'the challenges and opportunities facing London's roads now and in the future' has begun [TfL].

And finally…

  • Lives on the Line shows life-expectancy based on the Tube station you were born closest to.